Edition #1: crowd for berlin TECH 4.0

For the fourth Berlin Crowdfunding Prize we are looking for the best projects in the category "TECH 4.0".

crowd for berlin TECH 4.0 #BCPTech

Berlin is a leading tech and startup metropolis, international hot spot for the digital economy as well as for creatives, designers and tech savvy musicians. More than 7.300 digital enterprises with about 80.000 employers turned over more than 11 billion euros. The implementation of innovative technologies, devices that are connected via the internet and a high digital competence have an impact on how a lot businesses will evolve in the near future. Especially the Internet of Things and respective hardware innovation are areas of high potential for future growth.

At the same time, Berlin is a central location for crowdfunding actors in Europe. The portal www.crowdfunding-berlin.com initiated by the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research/ Projekt Zukunft and operated on its behalf by Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH shows an overview of current Berlin crowdfunding and crowdinvesting projects from ICT, media, creative industries and cultural education. The website is the first to bring the Berlin-based projects together on the major German and international platforms – from Startnext, Kickstarter and Indigogo to Companisto, FundedByMe and Seedmatch. Since its start in February 2014, more than 400 projects have already been completed successfully via crowdfunding-berlin.com. We want to strengthen this development.

The Berlin Senate Department supports the increased use of crowdfunding and crowdinvesting and is committed to professionalising them and linking them to the state's public funding programs. Crowdfunding and crowdinvesting are young financing instruments with a rapidly growing market. According to market estimates of the Institute of Communication in Social Media (ikosom), the capital facilitated to date in Berlin alone stands at around 48 million euros.

Final result - crowd for berlin TECH 4.0

The graphic shows the official final results. The winners were informed via e-mail and the public by press release [in German].

The nominees are

Congratulations to the following projects for the Berlin Crowdfunding Prize nomination:


  • airfy BeaconControl of all smart appliances at home

  • Betabook – The portable whiteboard for the digital age

  • BuddyGuard – Smart home security in one device

  • FahrradJäger – The most effective and easiest theft-security for the bicycle

  • FREYGEIST – E-Bike weighting only 12 kg, which does not have any negative impact on its battery capacity, power, or transmission system

  • Heated Vest (Copertura Label) – vest with heating pads

  • Nuimo – Universal controller to control music, lights, locks and more

  • Panono – 360° x 360° throwable camera

  • Pockethernet – Support the first smartphone connected cable tester and Ethernet network analyzer

  • Soundbrenner Pulse – Wearable metronomy device for musicians


Mid August 2015
competition annoucement

17 September 2015
deadline for latest start of funding phase

Mid September 2015

23 September 2015
start public voting at Projekt Zukunft website

29 September 2015
end of public voting at Projekt Zukunft website

Beginning of Octobre 2015
evaluation and winners announcement

Besides the current edition TECH 4.0 (September 2015) we launched competitions on the topics TECH (Octobre 2014), MEDIA (March 2015) and DESIGN (June 2015). Further editions with public voting are planned for next year.

Prize money

The winner projects with the most votings will receive prize money of a total amount of 10.000 euros:

1st place: €5.000

2nd place: €3.000

3rd place: €2.000

The finalists and their projects will be communicated via Projekt Zukunft media and their cooperation partners. Further on, finalists will have the possibility to present their projects at Maker Faire Berlin (3-4 October 2015) and/or at the Berlin Tours that accompany the National IT summit on 19 November 2015. With these awards we want to make it easier for three actors/teams to implement and market their projects, to honour their efforts in the mobilisation of fans and capital and to help establish talents with innovative ideas in Berlin. A legal claim on prize money and services does not exist.

Summary of participation conditions

For the public voting, up to ten crowdfunding respectively crowdinvesting projects will be nominated, that meet the following conditions:

  • The project has a technology driven theme mit a special focus on Internet of Internet of Things, hardware innovation, smart wearables, smart devices, smart home, do-it-yourself-electronics, 3D printing, digital manufacturing, industry 4.0, smart city or similar.
  • The financing campaign for the project must run or have run on a platform which cooperates with crowdfunding-berlin.com.
  • The project is or was in the financing phase in the period between 1 February 2014 and 17 September 2015.
  • The stakeholders of the project are domiciled or located in Berlin.
  • The project has not been among the award winners of previous editions of the Berlin Crowdfunding Prize.

Only those projects are eligible for prize money which have been successfully completed, i.e. which have achieved their financing total, funding threshold or flexible target amount. It is of no significance when the financing phase ends or ended; this can be before, during or after the public voting.

In the event that the financing phase of a project ends during the voting without success, the project is excluded from further voting as the participation conditions are no longer met. Should the financing phase of one of the three winning projects in the public voting not end until after the voting and then without success, the project is also excluded. The next placed projects will then move up in the ranking.

There is no legal right to participate.


Frequently asked questions and answers about the Berlin crowdfunding prize here.

Terms & Conditons