Deep Tech Award 2017

Deep Tech Award 2017

For the third time in succession, the Senate Administration for Economic Affairs, Energy and Enterprises, together with the Association of the Internet and IT Industry in Berlin and Brandenburg, praised SIBB e. V., awarded the Deep Tech Award as part of the State Initiative Project Future and the Campaign for the IT location in Berlin "log in. Berlin.".


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About the competition

The Deep Tech Award is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and is endowed with EUR 60,000. The award ceremony and the presentation of the "Deep Tech Stars" will take place on November 30, 2017 in Berlin.

Until 5 November 2017, companies based in Berlin can apply with application-oriented and tested solutions and products on software and / or hardware basis for the price. The applications should be characterized by a high level of innovation and a great potential for future growth. The competition is especially aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises in Berlin.

Application-oriented and proven solutions and products in the area of hardware and system-related software such as:

  • Devices
  • Sensors & Actuators
  • Networks (low-power/short-range, low-power/wide-area)
  • Processors & Architectures
  • operating systems
  • platforms
  • Device Management (Device Monitoring, Firmware & Software Updates, Diagnostics, Error Analysis & Reporting, Physical Management & Security Management)
  • Analytical tools, algorithms, event stream processing & analysis models
  • Standards & APIs
  • Security technologies for devices, operating systems, platforms & communication paths 

The evaluation of the jury is based on the degree of innovation and the level of innovation, individual characteristics, advantages and added value from the user perspective, as well as the existing market potential, the data protection and data security concept, and possibly the design.

The Winner

In taking their decision to choose the Deep Tech Stars, the expert jury consisting of members from industry and science assessed, among other things, the degree of innovation, unique characteristics of the submitted solutions and the benefits and added value from the user’s perspective and for the Berlin ICT market. The following software and hardware solutions submitted by companies from Berlin were awarded 10,000 Euros each: 

  • “Smart Workspaces” by Sensorberg GmbH
    Sensorberg is a young Berlin high-tech company with an IoT portfolio to digitalize complex types of buildings.

  • “3DMP®-Technologie/3DMP®-CAM-Software” by GEFERTEC GmbH
    GEFERTEC GmbH, founded in 2015, develops new procedures to produce metal components using 3D printers.

  • “proANT Technologieplattform für Transportroboter” by InSystems Automation GmbH
    InSystems Automation develops automation technology which is provided from one source as customized, cross-sector end-to-end solutions along with machines, software and communication solutions.

  • “Starks AR Headset” by Greta & Starks Apps UG
    The aim of Greta & Starks Apps UG is to make inclusion with smart technology not only affordable, but also possible in the first place. The company’s products enable people with sight or hearing loss to experience fully accessible cinema together with friends and family.

  • “LPWAN-Hardware/Software-Lösungen” by MatchX GmbH
    MatchX GmbH is an end2end LPWAN Solution Provider. The company sells hardware, software and cloud services. 

  • “Virtenio PreonSolution” by VIRTENIO GmbH
    VIRTENIO offers innovative and comprehensive solutions to digitalize the supply chain and for applications in the field of “Industry 4.0”. 


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Impressions from the award ceremony of the Deep Tech Awards 2017