Design & Healthcare

The goal of the competition: to set additional impulses for innovation cooperation between creative industries and the health care economy in the region of the capital city.

Competition Design & Healthcare Sector: the winners have been chosen

As part of the healthcare industry cluster, the winners of the competition "Design & Health" have been announced. The competition was part of the Innovation Summit the state Berlin and Brandenburg had held and the first cluster-boarding competition held within the capital region; organized by the country's initiative Project Future. It was endowed with 60,000 euros in prize money. The aim of the competition was to put extra incentives for innovation and cooperation into the creative – and the health sector.

The prize of 30,000 euros was won by: the architectural firm Graft in cooperation with Art + Com and the Charité Berlin's competition entry: "Parametric (t) interior design - development."

The Designers Anne Geier and Simon Bredt who submitted as competition entry a comprehensive plan for the development of an innovative hospital bed in cooperation with the Charité Berlin, won the second prize worth 20,000 euros.

The 10,000 euros prize money the jury awarded as third prize, went to the Berlin based design office ION Design in cooperation with the Brandenburg based company Somatex Medical Technologies, for their creation of a needle holder aimed at minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Berlin's Senator for economy Cornelia Yzer said: "I am delighted with the excellent contributions of the winners that are the product of an intense cooperation between the creative industries and the health industry. The involvement of design expertise in the development process is a guarantee of success for process-and user-based innovation, simultaneously ensuring the competitiveness of our companies at the site."

The first competition that covers all clusters of the capital region has started

On June 18th 2012 the first competition covering all clusters, "Design & Healthcare" starts within the scope of the innovation summit of Berlin Brandenburg. With that competition, Berlin and Brandenburg set impulses for the cooperation between companies of the creative sectors and the healthcare industry.The competition's aim is to strengthen the innovative energy of the capital region. Until the 28th of September 2012, cluster-encompassing product proposals, examplified processes or application contexts, can be handed in.

The range of submissions

The spectrum of competition submissions can range from concepts, interfaces, application contexts, from market-ripe prototypes right up to ready products. Exemplary fields of application:

  • Development or re-creation of devices and tools within the professional context (Hospitals/Rehab Centers/Care Facilities) as well as in the area of home care.
  • Handling, ergonomics und user guidance of medical devices and equipment.
  • Innovative concepts from the area of interiour architecture, furnishings or lighting.
  • Re-creation of reusable systems and packaging-development and implementation of new technologies or materials (e. g. health promoting textiles or clothing)

The competitions's jury

A high level jury of experts will select the winners of all submissions in October 2012.
The jury consists of:

  • Mr. Prof. Dr. Ing. Marc Kraft, TU Berlin Head of the department for medical technology
  • Mr. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Friesdorf, TU Berlin FG produkt ergonomics
  • Mrs. Prof. Dr. Annette Grüters-Kieslich, Head of Medizinische Fakultät, Charité
  • Mr. Prof. Nils Krüger, Kunsthochschule Weissensee
  • Mrs. Weiss, VDI/VDEMrs
  • Mr.s Dr. Hartmann, Leiterin Gesundheitswirtschaft, Zukunftsagentur Brandenburg
  • Mr. Prof. Walter Hardt, Fachhochschule Potsdam, Institut für Gestaltung

Selection criteria

  • Level of innovation, evaluation of innovation strength
  • Sovereignity
  • Quality of design
  • User pespective: Advantage, benefits- Practicability
  • Market potential