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Manufacturer of 3-D jewellery Stilnest is receiving growth capital from IBB

For the second time now, IBB is investing in the fledgling company Stilnest. A lot has happened since the first financing round in 2014. Stilnest has optimised its internal processes from product design to production and has introduced new methods to its marketing strategy. 

IBB never invests on its own, but always in the same amount as co-investors – whether it be venture capital companies, business angels or companies responsible for the asset management of wealthy families (family offices). Swiss-based family office Wille AG and Munich-based business angel Daniel Wild (Tiburon Unternehmensaufbau GmbH) have taken part in this second round of financing. 

The special thing about Stilnest’s business model is not just its technological approach with 3-D prints of noble metals and polymers as well as computer-assisted design, but also its marketing strategy. Influencers, usually key individuals from the worlds of YouTube, Instagram or Facebook present pieces of jewellery that have been designed by designers and creatives, and sometimes even together with the fans. So in a way customers receive a piece of jewellery directly from their idol. 

According to their own information, Stilnest is delivering to 60 countries and is intending to expand its reach even further.