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Designers, agencies, lifestyle magazines, photographers and trend scouts - they are all attracted by the young and trendy fashion town. picture: © Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Fashion made in Berlin

The exhibitions Bread & Butter and Premium started the successful history of the fashion industry in Berlin, in 2003. Ever since, nine trade fairs and two show platforms have been added as part of the Berlin Fashion Week, which counts more than 100.000 visitors every season.

Some milestones are the MBFW (formerly Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week), media-effective platform since 2007, plus Der Berliner Salon since 2015. Berlin Fashion Week stands for an additional economic income (hotels, service industry, retail, taxi industry, etc.) of more than 120 million euros each season.

What does the development of the fashion industry look like?

With the Fashion Week's success, the value chain in the fashion industry has become much more condensed. In 2010, the revenue of Berlin’s fashion industry was around 2 billion euros and the number of employees was around 18.500.

Numbers of the Berlin fashion industry (2015)

  • around 2.700 companies in the capital work in the fashion industry
  • the revenue of the fashion industry raised by 11,6 percent form 2014 until 2015
  • around 4,8 billion euros revenue was raised by the fashion industry in Berlin
  • the number of employees raised by 4,2 percent to 24.000

The latest Short Info Fashion (June 2018/German version) with facts and numbers can be found here.

Which fashion events are taking place in Berlin?

Brands and labels, buyers, national and international press, plus representatives of the fashion industry get together to get inspired by latest fashion trends at Berlin Fashion Week twice a year. The July 2018 edition includes two fashion show platforms (Der Berliner Salon and MBFW), plus more than eight fashion trade fairs with different genres. Said genres cover the field of Read-to-Wear, womens- and menswear, avant-garde, street- and casualwear, plus sustainable fashion. At the conference #FASHIONTECH Berlin, the combination of fashion and technology will be the main topic. The FASHIONSUSTAIN gives the opportunity to meet representatives of the sustainable fashion industry, to present innovative developments. Simultaneously, fashion related events, such as receptions, showroom presentations and aftershow-partys are taking place.

All fashion events in Berlin, plus news regarding the Berlin Fashion Week can be found here.

The next dates for Berlin Fashion Week are:

  • from 3rd until 7th of July 2018, the Spring/Summer season 2019 takes place  (core time trade fairs: 3.- 5. Juli)
  • from 15th until 18th of January 2019, the Fall/Winter season 2019/2020 will take place (core time trade fairs: 15. - 17. Januar)

 How is fashion being funded in Berlin?

Since 2007, the federal state Berlin –especially the state initiative „Projekt Zukunft“ („Project Future“) supports the successful development of the Berlin Fashion Week and the fashion industry in general with benefits and participations worth more than 10 million euros (not including the IBB- loan programme) and active support. After start-up financing for different platforms the main focus shifted to exploring presentation methods for the Fashion Week, exploring new markets and supporting startups within fellowship-programmes and competitions.

  • presentation slots for Berlin-based fashion brands as part of the MBFW (formerly Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week Berlin) and Der Berliner Salon, supported by Projekt Zukunft  
  • planned: Organisation of a 10-part workshop program in favor of Berlin fashion labels together with the Fashion Council Germany e. V.
  • Support for Berlin fashion labels as part of the mentoring program of the German Fashion Council
  • Poster campaigns (Berlin) and ads (national/international) as part of the Berlin Fashion Week
  • Comprehensive and multiple award-winning Berlin Fashion Week website with information on trade shows, fashion shows as well as participating fashion brands with more than 500.000 clicks per season.
  • Berlin Showroom  - joint presentations abroad (two womenswear presentations as part of the Paris Fashion Week 2018)
  • As part of the Design Transfer Bonus-Programme, companies can earn up to 15.000 euros of additional funding
  • Non-bureaucratic micro-loans up to 25.000 euros by Investitionsbank Berlin
  • Coaching support as part of the programme Coaching Bonus
  • Loan programmes like the programme Berlin Kredit Innovativ
  • Participations of the VC Fonds Kreativwirtschaft 

Further than that, many programmes by the state through Investitionsbank Berlin are open for fashion related enterprises, such as non-bureaucratic micro-loans of up to 25.000 euros, coaching services, plus the programme Berlin Kredit Innovativ, and the participation of the VC Fonds Kreativwirtschaft. 

Tanja Mühlhans
Tanja Mühlhans

Creative and Media Industry/Projekt Zukunft


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