Berlin Fashion Week from 15 – 18 January 2019

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© Getty Images for MBFW

© Getty Images for MBFW

© Getty Images for MBFW

Twice a year, Berlin transforms into an international fashion and lifestyle metropolis. Up to 70,000 fashion fans, buyers, professional visitors and media representatives meet at the Berlin Fashion Week, which takes place from 15 to 18 January. The Premium, Panorama, Seek, Selvedge Run, Neonyt (former Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show Berlin) and Show & Order x Premium exhibitions will take place over four days. The focus of the individual exhibitions ranges from womenswear to menswear, sports and streetwear, sustainable fashion and fashion technology. Together with the FashionSustain and #FashionTech Berlin conferences, the Berlin Fashion Week reflects the key topics of sustainability, technology and innovation and provides an outlook for the future of fashion industry.

Senator for Economic Affairs Ramona Pop: 
“With six exhibitions, about 30 fashion shows and presentations, three conferences and more than 70,000 visitors, the BerlinFashionWeekhas established itself across Europe and contributes to the fashion industry’s successful development in the cityWe have currently achieved a turnover of 4.8 billion Euro per year and employed almost 25,000 employees in the industry. Within the scope of the Berlin Fashion Week, we have for many years supported the BerlinerSalon andtalented designers from BerlinThanks to our sustainable funding, many designers have managed to become established on the market. This is very positive for the location, as it provides inspiration far beyond the city’s borders.

All the exhibitions, talents, FashionTech and Eco Fashion build the Fashion Week’s DNA. Various platforms present a unique range of brands, innovations, newcomers and future-looking developments, and they give the buyers a comprehensive overview of the latest trends. The Berlin FashionWeekis a success story and it has become a flagship event for the city.”

Virtual Fashion Experience

Berlin stands for constant change, progress and creative innovations. This is also reflected in various concepts introduced in January, offering both fashion experts and the interested public new possibilities to experience fashion. Already in July 2018, fashion fans were able to see all the collections presented within the scope of MBFW (former name Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) on the square in front of E-Werk event location in Berlin. Thus, the designers and collections received more attention, and the audience was able to gain insights into upcoming collections. Overall, about 30,000 people took the opportunity to watch the MBFW’s livestream, following the fashion shows for 29 minutes per visit on average. In addition, several millions of fashion fans visited the online channels of Berliner Salon, MBFW and the official website of the Berlin Fashion Week and were thus provided with daily live news about the events.

Following the successful launch of the MBFW show concept last January, the event has developed strongly with a focus on the high-end segment. Designers are introduced to new concepts for presenting their collections according to the claim “FOLLOW MBFW – CONNECT FASHION”. The concepts involve the use of virtual reality. Guests of MBFW can experience the collections on site, while end-consumers will be able to see them online in a virtual fashion experience.

Designers have come to stay

“Made in Berlin” is an internationally acclaimed label. Berlin’s creative talents stand for high quality, creative implementation and sustainable commitment to the production. For many Berlin-based designers, the location where art and culture merge represents a source of inspiration for their designs and it has been the home of their label for several years now. For example, designer Dawid Tomaszewski already presents his 20th collection in January and celebrates his 10th anniversary this year. Danny Reinke, design talent from Berlin and the winner of a promoted show slot, invites visitors to come to the show, while the Berlin-based designer Esther Perbandt presents her latest collections in the “All Day Showcase” within the scope of MBFW. The Berlin-based designer Kilian Kerner will return to the Berlin Fashion Week in January. It was here that his career started exactly 17 years ago. The design for his ready-to-wear-collection KXXK was inspired by big city life and includes about 30 looks for women and men. The collection will be presented as part of MBFW. The particular aspect of the collection is that it will be available for order from the designer’s website right after the show true to the motto “Watch and Buy”. 

Also, the Berliner Salon will see many familiar faces: the designers Wiliam Fan, Lou de Betoly and Marina Hoermanseder present their autumn/winter collection 2019/2020 as part of a street parade. Other Berlin-based designers will perform in a group exhibition supported by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises and Project Future on 15 January. 

Berlin as a fashion location

Over the past years, Berlin has successfully established itself both on the national and international level, being economically strong also in the off-season. With 2,700 businesses in the segment, Berlin has now the highest density of fashion businesses in Germany. Employing a staff of more than 25,000, the companies generate annual sales of 4.8 billion Euro. In the past ten years, 600 businesses, 10,000 jobs and a sales volume of more than 1.8 billion Euro have been created. With an additional economic performance of 240 million Euro per year, the Berlin Fashion Week has become an important economic factor for the capital city.