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The Berlin art market is an important factor in respect of location and economics for the German capital. There are more than 5000 artists living in Berlin and more than 300 galleries. They represent an important pillar of the art market in Berlin.  

How did the Berlin art market develop?

The art market in Berlin is a very lively one. Galleries from all over the world settle down in Berlin. New event formats are continuously created. The range of the Berlin art market comprises online-portals, small galleries right up to internationally renowned establishments.

An overview of the most important figures

  • There are more than 3000 enterprises working within the Berlin art market (+5% since 2014)
  • This creates well above 7200 jobs in Berlin’s art scene (+5% since 2014)
  • About 700 million Euros turnover (+11% since 2014) is achieved by the Berlin art industry every year

Gallery location Berlin

About 300 galleries with more than 60,000 m2 of exhibition area have settled down in Berlin. Gallery quarters have been set up in the centre, from Checkpoint Charlie to Neukölln. The latest developments of currently interesting art are conveyed from the galleries to private as well as public collections, and international trade show appearances realised. Many of today’s internationally renowned artists started their career in Berlin galleries and became closely attached to these.

Berlin as a place for producing contemporary art

Over the past 10 years, Berlin has developed as a place of production for contemporary art with a breath-taking number of artists (well over 5000). Numerous artists - amongst them Jonas Burgert, Andreas Greiner, Alicia Kwade, Gregor Hildebrandt, Monica Bonvincini, and Cornelia Schleime are conquering the art market successfully from their location in Berlin.

What are Berlin’s art events?

Two of the major events in the art scene are the Gallery Weekend Berlin and the Berlin Art Week. 

The Gallery Weekend Berlin takes place once in a year and invites visitors, interested artists, gallery owners, collectors, and curators to take a good look around at the creative scene of Berlin. Over the past few years the Gallery Weekend was very successful, showing 50 galleries and receiving about 1000 international guests; it is developing into a strong sales event within the art industry.  

The Berlin Art Week is one of the largest art-related events in Berlin: The Berlin Art Week 2018 attracted over 120,000 visitors according to the organisers - amongst those were experts, art-interested people, Berlin citizens as well as national and international guests. As an art platform, it links commercial and institutional players, bundles art trade fairs, exhibitions, art awards and grants insight into private collections and project rooms. The Senate Administration for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises has financed this umbrella campaign for six years; the departments Culture and Economics of the Senate administrations took over financing the Berlin Art Week. The Art Week is an ideal platform to present Berlin as a location of galleries and production.


Tanja Mühlhans

Management of Creative and Media Industry, Digital Economy, Projekt Zukunft


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