The project

Projekt Zukunft is an initiative of the federal state of Berlin to support the growth areas of information and communication technology, media and creative economy.

The project

Projekt Zukunft develops strategies for Berlin as a location; it builds platforms, initiates networks for the digital and creative economy  and organizes exchanges with businesses, develops new support instruments, compiles studies and implements innovative projects for the economy and the society. Large events that are related to the economy such as the Berlin Fashion Week and the Berlin Art Week offer businesses and creatives the possibility to present themselves on an international stage.

As a link between economy, science and politics Projekt Zukunft has been working since 1997 to improve the general conditions for businesses located in Berlin and thereby facilitating their growth and power to innovate. The guiding principle is for Berlin to be a creative, innovative and economically successful metropolis with an international presence and radiance.

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Tasks and fields of activity of Projekt Zukunft