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© Epic Games

© Epic Games

Word has spread that the Berlin-Brandenburg region has become a leading games location in Germany. Up to now, 1,500 Berlin-based companies with more than 10,200 employees make their money developing video games. Now, US developing studio Epic Games, too, is set to open an office in the German capital. The branch will focus on marketing and communication-related tasks, in particular.

"The best way to reach our gamers is to be where they are" says Paul Meegan, President of Epic Games. Berlin is to become the base for keeping in touch with Epic's European customers. The office will be led by Paw Larsen, Director of Publishing for Western Europe, and Sergey Galyonkin, Director of Publishing for Eastern Europe. 

One of Epic's most important products is Unreal Engine. The suite of integrated tools was first established on the market with the launch of Ego-Shooter Unreal in 1998 and has since become the go-to development tool for a variety of games. The engine is available at and enables users to experience games on different end devices: mobile, on a console or PC, as well as through virtual reality. 

Up to now, Epic had only had two offices in the UK. The Berlin office will be responsible for both providing support to developers as well as marketing upcoming games such as the new Unreal Tournament, Paragon and Fortnite. This will include games localisation, i.e. translation and adaptation to German, French and Russian. What's more, customers can get in touch with contact partners in Berlin when encountering any games-related problems. This is why Epic is actively looking for new employees at the moment. 

The federal state of Berlin provides a variety of financing and support opportunities for companies in the games industry in the early and growth stages. Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB), IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, IBB Business Team as well as Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg provide assistance in the form of subsidies, loans, venture capital, coaching and much more.