Coffee Break for Female Founders

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©️ Berlin Partner

©️ Berlin Partner

"Give me a Break - Coffee Break for female founders", a digital coffee break for female founders, kicks off a new networking event series by Berlin Partner. The focus is on topics such as diversity and equal rights and equity for women. The first get-together will take place on August 27 from 10:30 to 12:00. The meeting place is the platform "Wonder", which promises exceptionally immersive communication experiences.

This Friday, not only the break itself will inspire you, but especially the contributions by the keynote speakers Svenja Lassen, Managing Director of Germany primeCROWD & Female Investors, and Ghazaleh Koohestanian, CEO and founder of Re2You GmbH.

Afterwards, you have the opportunity to exchange experiences in and gain insights into following topics:

  • Intercultural Gender Diversity
  • Financing & Funds for Female Founders
  • Overcoming Male Dominance in Industry & Business
  • Compatibility of Family & Founding.

Berlin Partner is being supported by Startup Incubator Berlin (HWR), medianet Berlin-BrandenburgBusiness Angels Club Berlin Brandenburg e.V.Science & StartupsSenWebStartup Map BerlinHU Women's OfficeBeuth Hochschule and primeCROWD.

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