Deep Tech Awards 2016: the winners have been chosen!

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© Ines Weitermann

© Ines Weitermann

© Ines Weitermann

On November 9, for the second time, the Deep Tech Awards were presented in cooperation with the ICT & Digital Business Association Berlin and Brandenburg (SIBB e.V.), Business Apps Network and the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research, recognising and honouring outstanding technology-based products. This year's focus was on entries offering solutions related to IoT (Internet of Things).

The award winners are PTX tech GmbH, Factor-E Analytics GmbH, MCS DataLabs GmbH and Cassantec GmbH, who managed to win the favour of the jury with solution-oriented concepts and ideas.

The awards were presented at Berliner Basecamp by Cornel Pampu, head of division for the ICT, media and creative industries with the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research and SIBB board members Thomas Schröter and Dirk Stocksmeier. They made their choice based on several criteria, such as degree of innovation and unique features, market potential, data security concept and of course design. The awards are financed through funds provided by the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research and funds provided by the EU/EFRD.

The first prize in the amount of 20,000 EUR went to PTX tech GmbH for their “4D MMS Vision-System”. The innovative system facilitates the interaction between man and machine and enables substantial increases in efficiency through less machine halts and reduced scrap rates. In particular, the jury was convinced by the technology, which scans the surrounding area with the help of infrared rays and in real-time converts it into 3D models.

Both Factor-E Analytics GmbH and MCS DataLabs GmbH came in second in the round of finalists. Both companies will receive funding of 15,000 EUR each.

With its solution “Factor-E Analytics”, runner-up Factor-E Analytics GmbH enables the smart interconnection of production facilities of any kind and age. This product facilitates productivity increases by up to 20 percent and energy savings of up to 30 percent,” the jury said, explaining the reasons for its decision.

MCS DataLabs GmbH also came in second with their “Wearable SmarKo” (SmarKo stands for “Smart Connectivity”). The technology company, founded in 2012 in Berlin, has developed an intelligent wearable. For example, SmarKo could be used in hospitals to save important data on the patients’ wristbands.

Cassantec GmbH came in third, winning 10,000 EUR for their solution “Cassantec Prognostics”. Using stochastic methods “Cassantec Prognostics” calculates status trends, disruption risk profiles and the remaining service life of machines and plant.

The winning entries ranged from solutions for the anticipatory maintenance and repair production machinery to flexible and mobile systems for health and therapy monitoring. Overall, the awards make a valuable contribution to the further development and establishment of the winning products far beyond the borders of Berlin. It would be very pleasing if the competition led to follow-up projects being established, as was the case last year as part of the Berlin funding programme “ProFIT”. On behalf of the jury I congratulate the winners,“ said Michael Pemp, ICT consultant with the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research, commenting on the exciting and successful second edition of the Deep Tech Awards.