i.am.brella provides energy for people and devices

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© Pascal Mundt

© Pascal Mundt

Sunshades usually protect both from heat and the sun’s rays. However, the rays’ energy can be used too. This is what Pascal Mundt from Berlin thought, so he developed a sunshade that converts solar energy into power. With his newly established company i.am.brella, he intends to develop the sunshade to be able to sell it and distribute it worldwide. At the moment, a team of strategists, engineers and designers is working on the product that is already internationally patented.

The surface of the four by four meters large shade is covered by two square meters of solar energy collectors. On the one hand, the recovered energy is used for the lighting underneath the shade. Furthermore, i.am.brella is equipped with ports, among them two USB connections, and a plug connector. Even speakers and wi-fi are integrated. With that, restaurant guests can charge their smartphones, refrigerate their beverages, listen to music and surf the internet. After all, sunshades offer enough space in the city during summer and can be used to recover solar energy.


Tanja Mühlhans

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