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It is sometimes overlooked that in 2014 127,000 self-employed professionals and employees in Germany earned their living in the music industry  According to a study entitled<link> “Musikwirtschaft in Deutschland”</link> ('Music industry in Germany') there are more people making a living in the music industry than in any other media sector. This makes music a relevant opportunity for refugees to establish themselves in Germany, not only as part of a friendly get-together but also when it comes to looking for a new job or employer.

CreAid Berlin aims to facilitate access to the local music scene for professional musicians, sound engineers and music teachers coming to Berlin as recognised refugees. The same applies to migrants who have not come to Berlin as refugees. CreAid says their goal is to help migrants and refugees to find their way back into the job market. All those whose profession in their country of origin had something to do with music should be given the opportunity to take up work in this sector in Berlin.

"We are working to facilitate access to a professional network and contacts for migrants and refugees who come to Germany. By integrating migrants and refugees in local professional networks we enable them to earn a living for themselves, on a long-term basis and in a sustainable manner, " CreAid says in an official announcement.

Founding members of the association include the Riverside Studios, the Berlin Music Commission, Landesmusikakademie Berlin, the Club Commission, Stiftung Zukunft as well as Flux FM. The Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research, too, is involved in the effort to connect music professionals who have just come to Berlin with Berlin-based artists and the music industry.

However, there are eventful times ahead for 'CreAid Network Berlin' as the young association is expected in the foreseeable future to be run with funds coming from the music industry, hence the current negotiations with supporting members on aid measures, financial and otherwise. In order for the project to become a success it is even more important that word on the project is spread in the music scene and that the new arrivals expand their networks. If this achieved another dream would come true for the initiators: for their model to be imitated with similar projects being established in other sectors.