NEU China at the TOA 2016

Category: Events

On 13 July, twelve Chinese entrepreneurs will present their models at the NEU China and will explain the shift from “Made in China” to “Create in China”. Helen Fueng and Philipp Grefer, the founders of music agency FakeMusicMedia, headquartered in Beijing since 2008, and label FakeLoveMusic are taking NEU China to Berlin, with the help of Pilot Music & Tech, another Beijing-based company. 

Helen Feng, who is also the lead singer of the Chinese band Nova Heart, draws attention to the Chinese startup scene and illustrates its innovative power. The renowned Tech Open Air Festival is the ideal platform for that. NEU China makes tangible the feeling of awakening that is prevailing in China at the moment. An eclectic programme has been put together in order to display a current and comprehensive picture of the Chinese market. Investment bankers, label operators, musicians or Virtual Reality Startups will share their view on things and show in case studies and experience reports what makes China special, which links there are and how those two worlds can merge. 

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