The creative industry is thriving in particular in Berlin

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© Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH

© Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH

The report was presented in Berlin a short while ago and it gives an overview of the development of the creative industry.

On the one hand, this success can be measured by the fact that since 2016 the number of jobs covered by social security in this industry has increased by 3.5 percent. On the other hand, there are further signs that the creative industry in Germany is meanwhile doing rather well:

  • the number of people employed in the industry amounts now to one million
  • 864,000 of them are employees liable to social security
  • more than 253,000 businesses generated a turnover of 154.4 billion Euro in 2016
  • the creative industry generated a turnover that was 1.5 percent higher than in the previous year
  • with a value added to gross earnings of 98.8 billion Euro, the creative industry is almost equal to the gross value added in the field of mechanical engineering with 101.6 billion Euro

Thus, the creative industry is even more successful than the chemical industry, the energy sector and financial service providers.

The city of Berlin is benefiting from the economic upturn more than any other region in the country, providing an important centre for the thriving and growing creative industry. Here, media and creative professionals meet and work together in the gaming industry, film and television, in the communication and publishing sectors or they deal with the possibilities offered through Web 2.0.

This all contributes to the fact that the German capital has become of one the most popular urban media locations. This is for the most part due to new media businesses and competitors entering the market. With its unique funding structure and infrastructure, Berlin is an ideal location for young enterprises and innovations. The number of businesses operating in the field of ICT, media and the creative industry has grown to approximately 10,000 companies, employing about 65,000 workers and generating a turnover of 5.3 billion Euro. This is considerable evidence showing that Berlin offers a rich breeding ground for innovative entrepreneurs in future-oriented industries. 


Tanja Mühlhans

Leitung Kreativ- und Medienwirtschaft, Digitalwirtschaft, Projekt Zukunft