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© IBB Business Team GmbH

© IBB Business Team GmbH

The official launch date for the new Business Establishment Bonus funding programme is 1st July 2018. The Business Support Guide along with the new Berlin funding programme for innovative startups was first released on 23rd April 2018. The response has been overwhelming – many applications have been received so far. 

The aim is to fund startups with up to 50,000 Euros in order to assist them with the development, implementation and establishment on the market of their innovative ideas and products. The main focus is on technology-oriented, creative, digital and particularly sustainable startup projects. The Business Establishment Bonus (GründungsBONUS) addresses freelancers, founders and micro-businesses that are not older than twelve months.

<link>The Business Support Guide (Förderfibel) 2018/2019</link> presents a comprehensive overview of all current business development programmes in Berlin. It is a significant compendium for founders and entrepreneurs in Berlin. 

The Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises acts as the central coordinator for the Business Establishment Bonus. The Senate Department has commissioned the <link - external-link-new-window "Opens external link in new window">IBB Business Team</link>, a wholly owned subsidiary of <link - external-link-new-window "Opens external link in new window">Investitionsbank (IBB)</link>, to implement the programme. All over Germany, the startup intensity has been decreasing, whereas in Berlin it has further increased.

The aim of the funding programme is to continue and even expand this positive trend for founders, for example by supporting them to start their own business. Ramona Pop, Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises says that, “This isto ensure the sustainable growth of the businesses and to increase Berlin’s competitiveness and ability to innovate, generating positive effects for income and employment”.

When founders in Germany seek to find a sphere of influence, more and more creative people decide to settle in Berlin. Each year, around 500 digital startups are founded in the city, making the German capital one of the leading locations of the European digital economy. As digitalisation has long been one of the key economic drivers of the country, the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises provides sustainable support for this innovative economic sector. 


Nadja Clarus