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re:publica TEN collaborates with Projekt Zukunft

A collaboration that is bound to be successful: re:publica TEN and Projekt Zukunft – the growth initiative of Berlin´s Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research – will collaborate to connect actors from the worlds of IT, communication technology and Internet economy with regional actors from the digital culture scene, the music industry as well as musicians. In the first days of the re:publica 2016 the focus of the conference will be on an exciting new interface, namely the one between music production and marketing on the one side and digital technologies on the other. For the latter, special attention will be paid to Virtual Reality. 

VR is the next big thing in the tech industry. What used to be the stuff of sci-fi movies in the 90s will soon be a common sight in our living rooms. The future has long begun: Virtual and Augmented Reality already amaze millions of users. This year, several providers are set to launch VR glasses on the market. The technology is causing a stir particularly in the games industry. Many consider the emergence of Virtual Reality to be no less than a revolution in the gaming scene. There's a new world opening up to both gamers and developers – a world that is more creative than ever.

But it's not just the visual world that is turned upside down by VR, the technology also offers completely new applications and opportunities in terms of listening experience and to the music industry in general. re:public TEN will dedicate a theme day to this for all those working in the music industry. A common knowledge base will be created in order to work with Virtual and Augmented Reality content in future. Current technologies from the digital economy will be presented and their potential in terms of the music industry will be analysed. Also, a platform for collaboration and idea creation will be set up. All this will happen at this year's re:publica, Europe's most exciting conference on the issues of internet and society – with Projekt Zukunft as a powerful partner.