Ubisoft establishes a development office for computer games

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The studio launch is planned for winter/autumn 2017. Following Düsseldorf and Mainz, Berlin will be Ubisoft Blue Byte’s third location in Germany. Ubisoft has 12,000 employees in 32 locations worldwide. Initially, 50 highly qualified employees will be recruited in Berlin in the first year. Ubisoft has its main offices in Montreuil sur Bois, France.

The fact that an international games developer and publisher such as Ubisoft Blue Byte is planning to establish a studio in Berlin as part of a global Ubisoft studio network will strengthen Berlin as a games location. As a location, Berlin offers the advantages of comparatively lower living expenses, existing infrastructures such as networks and events as well as quality of training. Apart from local studios (Wooga, Yager, Gameduell) and branch offices (Bigpoint, Gamigo, Deck 13), Asian and US groups, too, are increasingly expanding to the capital - among them companies such as Riot Games, Epic Games and Gamevil. Furthermore, Berlin benefits from a vital periphery with numerous service providers and agencies.