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  • © Tijen Onaran

    © Tijen Onaran

    Tijen Onaran of Startup affairs

    Category: Future heads

    “We have lent a face and perspective to digitalization. At the same time, we have proved that diversity and digitalization not only belong together,… More

  • © Spacebase GmbH

    © Spacebase GmbH

    Dominika Czajak of Spacebase

    Category: Future heads

    “When I am in a job interview, no one challenges my creative skills, but people are always very sceptical about my IT skills, although these are… More

  • © soulproducts GmbH

    © soulproducts GmbH

    Paul Kupfer from soulbottles

    Category: Future heads

    “It was our aim to produce really nice and clean drinking bottles and we have succeeded in doing so.” More

  • © Smartfrog Ltd.

    © Smartfrog Ltd.

    Charles Fränkl of Smartfrog

    Category: Future heads

    “The Internet of Things is the next global trend that will change our lives in the same way as the internet and mobile phones have done in the last… More

  • © Online Marketing Rockstars

    © Online Marketing Rockstars

    Patrick Bales about Stoyo Media:

    Category: Future heads

    "We have become the first provider worldwide to guarantee one million organic video views on Facebook." More

  • © Marcel Weisheit/luckycloud GmbH

    © Marcel Weisheit/luckycloud GmbH

    Luc Mader of luckycloud

    Category: Future heads

    “Our customers can save their files so that not even our administrators have access to them.” More

  • © Christian Morgenstern

    © Christian Morgenstern

    Felix Hallwachs of Little Sun

    Category: Future heads

    “Since the sun is shining everywhere around the world, it is of course possible to use it everywhere!” More

  • © HOLOPLOT GmbH 2017

    © HOLOPLOT GmbH 2017

    Roman Sick of Holoplot

    Category: Future heads

    “The best thing about Berlin is the informal and friendly networking.” More