Innovation labs in Berlin

All innovation labs in Berlin. A short cut to all important labs in Berlin.

Innovation labs in Berlin

Berlin offers a very good base for successful innovation processes: With the study "Innovation and Creative Labs in Berlin – an Inventory: Spaces and Events as Interfaces of Innovation and Creativity", Projekt Zukunft delivered a comprehensive overview of the locations for development and implementation of innovative ideas in Berlin. The overview of the innovation labs in Berlin was updated in February 2018. With this overview, all locations of the labs can now be easily and clearly located.

Which innovation labs exist in Berlin?

Attached you will find an overview of the innovation labs in Berlin sorted by application fields:

  • Grassroot Labs/Fab Labs in Berlin
  • University or research-related labs in Berlin
  • company-owned labs
  • Accelerators and incubators

Click here for an overview from Berlin Partner for Business and Technology of incubator and accelerator programs in Germany focusing on energy and sustainable business.

Innovation Labs on Map:


The map is also available as a fullscreen page at:

PDF: Inno labs in Berlin (selection)

Lab operators who are not yet on the list can contact Project Zukunft with the contact form

Tanja Mühlhans
Tanja Mühlhans

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