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Berlin was named "City of Design" in 2006 and has been part of UNESCO's Creative Cities Network ever since. Berlin's relations with the cities of Buenos Aires and Montreal as well as Nagoya, Kobe, Shenzhen and Shanghai are particularly intense.

For the tenth anniversary of Berlin as a UNESCO Creative City, a monitoring report with facts and figures about the Berlin "City of Design" was published: UNESCO Creative Cities Network - Monitoring Report (PDF/German)


Ten years Berlin as UNESCO City of design

The Creative Cities Network was initiated in October 2004.

It aims at supporting selected Cities of both industrial nations and developing countries. The requirements to be taken up into the network is to subscribe to the UNESCO mission of cultural diversity, sustainable support of the creative sectors in that area and furthermore the cooperation with the partner cities.

The main aim of the Creative City Network is to generate a world- encompassing network of local networks consisting of companies, sector related networks and clusters. The key element is - like for Projekt Zukunft - the creation of public private partnerships.

The platform of the Creative Cities Network enables its members wide- ranging cooperation possibilities to the partner cities of the creative sector. But also beyond that, the link to important stakeholders and the mutual participation of companies and creatives at festivals, conferences and competitions.

In 2006 Berlin won the award „City of Design” and belongs since then to the UNESCO’s Creative  Cities Network. Of particular importance are Berlin’s relations to the cities Buenos Aires, Montreal, Nagoya, Kobe, Shenzhen and Shanghai. Next to that, Berlin looks forward to a close teamwork with its twin town Peking, which was taken up in 2012 as “City of Design” into the UNESCO Network.

From November 16th – to November 18th, nearly all of the 30 cities of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network met in Seoul, South Korea to exchange knowhow and to discuss the expansion of the network and to work on the individual cooperation projects. All presentations of the Conference can be found here »


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Tanja Mühlhans

Management of Creative and Media Industry, Digital Economy, Projekt Zukunft