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Overview Coworking Spaces in Berlin


Over 150 coworking spaces have been founded in Berlin in recent years. They have shaped the city as a pioneer of a new work culture and are an important part of the startup ecosystem. Berlin has the third most coworking spaces world-wide and the second most in Europe behind London (Deskwanted.com, Global Coworking Survey, 2013).

This map shows all coworking spaces in Berlin. The list is continuously maintained and enhanced. New coworking spaces can be included on the map.

Which coworking spaces are located in Berlin?

On this map you will find all current coworking spaces in Berlin. You can find the enlarged map here.

A PDF overview of all locations: List of all locations

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Find an enlarged view of the Coworking map: Coworking map

You can also download the overview of the Coworking spaces in Berlin as an Excel file.

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Katrin Tobies

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