Overview Coworking Spaces

Well over 150 coworking spaces have sprung up in Berlin in recent years. They have made the capital the European pioneer of a new work culture and are an important part of the startup ecosystem. Berlin is the city with the third most coworking spaces worldwide and ranks second in Europe after London (Deskwanted.com, Global Coworking Survey, 2013).

Below is a list of all coworking spaces in Berlin that we know of; the list significantly includes those facilities in Berlin that provide a critical number of workspaces (at least about ten spaces) and office infrastructure. With this overview, the state initiative Projekt Zukunft helps interested parties find the right location and provider. These coworking spaces are also shown graphically in a map below.

In this map you can find all coworking spaces in Berlin known to us. You can find an enlarged view of the map here.

A PDF overview of all locations can be found here.

We also offer the raw data of the current overview of coworking spaces in Berlin as a machine-readable Excel-file.

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You can find the enlarged version of the co-working map here.

The overview and map is continuously maintained and expanded. We are happy to add new coworking spaces. Simply write to us via the contact form.


Gizem Özyurt

Digital Economy, Startups, Sustainability & Impact Driven Economy, Controlling of Projekt Zukunft