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Berlin has become one of the most important locations for games and mobile content, virtual reality games and game events in Germany.

Berlin’s games industry competes in the premier league

The games sector in Berlin is leading in Germany and records the national strongest growth:

  • With around 200 gaming companies, central associations, institutions and special training facilities, the capital has the densest and diverse games industry in Germany. 
  • Berlin is home to a traditional strong developer scene for worldwide acting publishers and distributors, various indie-studios, plus other service companies doing e. g. advertising, payment system, scoring, localisation, quality management or concept art. 
  • Focal points are social games, online and browser games, mobile games, serious games, virtual reality games, edutainment, and e-learning.
  • The industry is the driver of innovations and the connecting point to Industry 4.0 due to excellent expertise at virtual reality, augmented reality, the app development, plus data analytics
  • Berlin is continuously turning into an international hub for eSports, one of the fastest growing sectors within the games industry in Germany.

Berlin as an attraction for German and International companies

Intense co-operations with the local film, TV and publishing industry appear highly attractive. More and more well-known foreign game companies open offices near the Spree. They find their close networks, highly qualified experts, international industry events and well-known games events – such as Games Week Berlin, the developer conference Quo Vadis or the A MAZE.Festival.

The strengths of the games location Berlin

Close to no other location in Europe contains such an extensive and games specific educational offer as Berlin does. State-run, private, education, and studies. Scientific research is taking place in the capital region, too. In Berlin, new gaming trends are established and new technology and content developments can be recognised prematurely to be funded.

The latest games study "Die Computer- und Videospielindustrie in Berlin" 2018, including all facts and numbers regarding the games industry in Berlin

An overview of selected funding instruments for the games industry in Berlin

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Dr. Patricia Deuser

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