Berlin promotes broadband expansion and development of 5G mobile communications standard

Category: Broadband

Berlin is spearheading this development and has already undertaken first steps: The rapid digitisation in the city and the fast growth of the city as a German startup make it necessary to expand the existing gigabit networks. 

Cornelia Yzer, Senator for Economic Affairs, emphasises that Berlin-based companies not only need “spaces urgently”, but also “strong digital infrastructures”. “I am convinced that, spending 500,000 EUR, we have made an investment that will lead Berlin into the digital future,” Yzer said. The BMVI funding is aimed at providing nationwide access to broadband networks with speeds of up at least 50 Mbit/s by 2018. Along with operation and development of corresponding broadband networks there is also support available for consultation and planning services.

Fraunhofer Institutes develop 5G in Berlin

In addition, the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research has been promoting the development and testing of 5G technologies under real-time conditions as part of the “5G testing ground Berlin initiative”. In this context, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut is developing an antenna technology and Fraunhofer Institut FOKUS is working on the “5G Ready Platform” which will serve as a testing environment for 5G technologies and applications. Both institutes will receive funding of 250,000 EUR each. 5G as a mobile communications standard is expected to be market-ready by 2020 and will enable data rates of up to 10 Gbit/s. Berlin is spearheading this development. 5G is a key driver of the digital transformation. The two projects will form two central pillars of the smart network.