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© Investitionsbank Berlin

© Investitionsbank Berlin

In most cases, founders of new enterprises need seed capital to start with. In Berlin, a useful funding structure has been developed, providing financial support for innovative startup companies.

IBB Microcrowd is one of the many promising funding efforts aiming at supporting the establishment of new small and medium-sized businesses. Following a successful application process, founders are granted a loan of 25,000 Euro for their project.

This “Microloan from the SME fund” is granted from the EU’s ERDF funds and Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB). These microloans are supported by Startnext crowdfunding platform, which in turn reviews the applications and conducts one-on-one interviews to determine whether a candidate is suitable for the programme. Repayment terms are as follows: Loans usually have a maximum maturity of six years and a grace period of one year.  

While it is not mandatory for founders to obtain advice for their business creation, taking part in a coaching session, consultation or seminar prior to such application will contribute positively to the assessment and decision to grant the microloan.

In addition, there are numerous consultation and support programmes available from the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises and “Project Future” state initiative. Their aim is to help young entrepreneurs create and construct a supportive network with new funding initiatives. This includes of course getting in contact with other founders and investors. If the young founders should require further assistance, they can refer to the so-called ‘Förderfibel’. This comprehensive guidebook, published annually by Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB), provides an overview of available funding schemes offered by the federal state of Berlin.


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