Investment in the future: ultra-modern fibre-optic technology by the end of 2016

Category: Broadband

Together with the telecommunications company Vodafone Kabel Deutschland, degewo will facilitate an investment for the future. For tenants in Berlin-Köpenick this means being able to surf the Internet in high speed or watch movies in noticeably better quality from the beginning of 2017. Integrated into the broadband network of Vodafone Kabel Deutschland, the new fibre-optic network in Köpenick will allow for speeds beyond the 1 gigabyte limit. 

Oliver Igel, the borough mayor, met with company representatives during the start of construction works on 16 June 2016. 

“We enable our tenants to use the fastest data transmission on the Internet and thus make our buildings for the future-proof,” said Ulrich Jursch, CEO of the degewo netzWerk GmbH. “We collaborate with Vodafone Kabel Deutschland but at the same time keep the cable network in our possession so that we can better meet the needs of our tenants,” explained Jursch. 

Already since January 2016 the new company branch degewo netzWerk GmbH has been merging all competencies in the areas of energy, meter reading, digital infrastructure and Smart City at degewo. This also involves the construction and operation of proprietary communication networks and forms part of the company’s strategy for the digitisation of their real estate portfolio. 

Fibre-optic cable will be installed along a distance of 53 kilometres and integrated into the Hybrid-Fibre-Coax-Network of Vodafone Kabel Deutschland. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. The expansion will be carried out in six clusters in different districts, including Altstadt, Friedrichshagen, Oberschöneweide and Spindlersfeld. To this end, the housing buildings owned by degewo will be connected to the network. 

“After completion of the construction works, the degewo tenants will be connected to the network that currently is the most modern and fastest on the market,” said Christian Biechteler, director for corporate customers in the housing industry of the regions Berlin/Brandenburg and Lower Saxony/Bremen at Vodafone Kabel Deutschland.