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© AhoyBerlin / MinusPlusForward

© AhoyBerlin / MinusPlusForward

The members of co-working spaces do not necessarily need to come from the same industry. Despite certain advantages that co-working spaces offer, home offices continue to be their biggest competitors, according to the annual Global Coworking Survey. Such advantages include a clear distinction between workplace and home – a problem that freelancers often encounter. In contrast to this, cafés are a popular workplace for only 6 percent of all respondents.

Social contacts and the exchange among the community are most important for many members – a factor that is often less present in home office environments. Therefore, co-working spaces with a large number of members ultimately attract further members. Easy accessibility is another important criterion for co-working space members. This includes good transport links and connection to the local public transport network. Ideally, the co-working space should also be as close as possible to their home. Other essential criteria for a positive work experience include a fair price-performance ratio and modern office equipment with a reliable internet connection. 

The peak season for new registrations seems to be the period between March and May, whereas in December the number of new registrations is usually lowest. This trend continues until February. In general, more and more registrations are made after popular holiday periods.

There are plenty of information about co-working spaces available online – a co-working map helps interested parties find co-working spaces in 107 countries and 797 cities around the world.  


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