brings own team to Berlin

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Users can upload so-called “musicallys” via the platform. In these short videos, so-called “musers” move their lips in sync with famous pop songs or movie quotes. Each day, 14 millions new musicallys, lasting up to 15 seconds apiece, are added. has 200 millions registered users, 49 millions of which are located in Europe. 65 percent are teenagers. According to the company, each user spends 13 minutes daily on the platform, on average. Musers edit their short “lip sync videos” using effects such as quick or slow motion and share them via other social networks. The aim is to reach as many people as possible. Established musers have several millions followers. Last summer, weekly newspaper <link>Die Zeit</link> praised as the “next big thing”.

Another app made by is the app. In one-hour formats, it deals with trends and lifestyle issues – from cooking tips to talk shows to dancing tutorials. Once per week, the formats are streamed live.

Seeing as the Berlin office has not opened yet, was unable to provide Projekt Zukunft with any detailed information on the team and the strategy. Talking to OMR, Papik revealed that the European focus lies “clearly on user growth”, while monetisation is “currently of lower priority”. The Berlin office will handle the translation and adaptation for the European markets.