Musicians in Berlin benefit from second round of financing in 2016

Category: Music

Seven projects will receive a total of 45,150 euros as part of the “Karrieresprungbrett Berlin” programme (“stepping stone into a career”). Two other projects will receive 23,845 euros through “Pop im Kiez” programme (“Pop in the neighbourhood”). 

It is the aim of state-owned organisation Musicboard Berlin GmbH to support popular music in Berlin and to strengthen the local music scene. Proposals are not limited by theme and can be submitted under <link>five different funding programmes</link>.

In total, 43 proposal were submitted under the “Karrieresprungbrett Berlin” programme, with a total volume of 667,000 euros. The “Pop im Kiez” programme received nine proposals with a total volume of 163,000 euros. <link>Funded through “Karrieresprungbett Berlin</link>” are, among others,“Berlin Current / Phase IV”, the successor organisation of the international network of electronic musicians; the concert series  “Kometenmelodien”, which is aimed at young musical talents as well as intercultural hip hop act “Aiwa: Beats, Rhymes and Beyond from the Arab world”. This year, <link>“Pop im Kiez” will support</link> two projects by Clubcommission Berlin: Firstly, “<link>Nights – Stadt nach Acht</link>”, a conference taking place in November and secondly, an updated and revised version of the <link>Clubkataster Berlin</link>, a directory of Berlin-based clubs and cultural sites. The memorial concert for Rio Reiser on 20 August is also funded through “Pop im Kiez”.

Until 30 September, Berlin-based bands and artists can submit applications for <link>financing</link> in order to receive funding for a tour as supporting act for a better-known band. As of December, new applications can be submitted for the “Karrieresprungbrett Berlin”, “Pop im Kiez” and “Festivalförderung” programmes.


Nadja Clarus