Resi – a news feed for WhatsApp

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© resi App

© resi App

Even faster and more personal: Resi App will change the way news are communicated. News items will no longer be published on Facebook or Twitter feeds, but will be sent directly to the phones of the users via a personal news assistant. Once on the phone, the news can be discussed on WhatsApp via live chat.

The founder of Resi App is no stranger to the news industry: Martin Hoffmann was responsible for the social media presence of WeltN24 and knows how young users consume content. “News are often presented in the form of articles. We thought: ‘What can we do to change this premise?’” says the founder from Berlin.

According to Hoffmann, Resi acts as a curator, motivating users to show interest and interact with the app. Resi users can ask questions, just like in a chat. The target group are primarily WhatsApp users ranging from 15 to 25 years of age. The app is still in development. Interested users can register, however, waiting times are long. Nearly 1,700 curious news readers are waiting for Resi App to be finally finished.

So how does the personal news assistant work? A bot will deliver information and enter into dialogue with the user. Over time, the software will develop a type of digital personality. Fully adapted to the habits of the WhatsApp user, the assistant will communicate with the user via text pop-ups, GIFs, emojis and the entire repertoire of modern communication.