The latest A.I. robot “Musio” is coming to Berlin

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ⓒ AKA Intelligence

ⓒ AKA Intelligence

“AKA Intelligence”, the American developer of the world’s first social robot with artificial intelligence, will be presenting their prototype officially for the first time in the German capital. Musio domestic robot has a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) that allows for comprehensive communication. It is supposed to be able to interact socially with humans of all ages. The little helper running the Android operating system, will also be able to carry out commands and to remind the user of appointments via internet connection. In case of spelling problems, Musio will also patiently spell every word. It is even able to switch the light on and off with its voice.

All these features are possible because this robot – through its built-in internet connection and artificial intelligence – can be connected to any standard smart home system. Supported by language processing technology (NLP – Natural Language Processing), visions and AKA’s rich interactive content ecosystem, Musio will sooner or later address the worldwide growing demand for robot companions.

The little fellow weighs just 900 grams and is powered by MUSE – AKA’s artificial intelligence. Already today, it is considered as the number one bestseller among social robots. All communication is transferred on the provider’s servers. The provider, however, says there is no reason to be worried, as the manufacturer promises encryption of the data in a way that not even the provider’s admin users can access the user data. Neither is it possible to tap conversations through the integrated microphone.

The little Android robot has now started its European tour in order to conquer the portfolio of future partners all over Europe. As part of the European tour, AKA is planning to present their A.I. technology to potential partners in the automobile and consumer electronics industry.

The basic model Simple features a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor with 16 GB storage, and it is supposed to assist children in learning and playing. The Smart version features a 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU, whereas the Genius premium version will have a quad-core CPU with 2.5 GHz and 64 GB storage. The battery life will last up to 13 hours, depending on the model, and charging takes place via micro-USB connector.

Musio has already conquered many homes all over Asia. So, maybe in the near future we will have our own domestic robots also here in Europe… 


Sebastian Askar

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