VR/AR in the Capital Region

Category: Digital Industries

The VR and AR market is developing rapidly. For 2020, Deloitte expects VR / AR revenues to increase to one billion euros in Germany, with revenue shifting significantly in favor of content creation.

The capital region is excellently positioned, especially for content production but also for application-oriented research on virtual / augmented reality. We still see great potential for growth in VR / AR, and we want to strengthen the providers and applications that already exist in terms of their visibility beyond the capital city region and the links with other sectors of the economy.

The updated VR / AR Summary of the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Enterprises / Project Future includes market data and best practice examples from various fields of application (entertainment, healthcare, mobility) as well as a selection of agencies, production companies, networks and conference formats of the capital region. The summary can be found here (only in German).


Tanja Mühlhans

Leitung Kreativ- und Medienwirtschaft, Digitalwirtschaft, Projekt Zukunft