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© WeAreDevelopers

© WeAreDevelopers

What an achievement for Berlin - Europe’s largest developer conference takes place in Germany this year. After having taken place in Vienna for five years after its foundation, the WeAreDevelopers World Congress relocates to Berlin. International developers, programmers, and IT-specialists will meet up in the CityCube between June 6 and 7, 2019, to discuss current and future IT trends. More than 10,000 participants are expected from all over the world on an exhibition and stage area of about 33,000 m2. “The conference has been established as one of the most important events of this industry in Europe”, says Marco Oelschlegel, Partner of the location promoter Visit Berlin.

With the motto ‘People – Code – Future‘ the conference unites worldwide leading technology companies such as Microsoft, BMW, IBM, SAP, Volkswagen, Facebook, or Google with the European developer community and gets international Tech-leaders such as the Apple veteran Steve Wozniak, CSS-inventor Håkon Wium Lie, or the BMW-CIO Klaus Straub onto stage. Apart from the ‘WeAreDevelopers World Congress‘, the company also organises theme conferences at regular intervals that are dedicated to developer-specific subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Security, Blockchain, IoT or Virtual Reality.

Location promoter Oelschlegel is very pleased about moving the ‘WeAreDevelopers World Congress‘ from Vienna to Berlin: “Yet another large congress from the tech scene that settles down in the capital and thus demonstrates how attractive Berlin has become as a tech metropolis.” Also, the congress clearly shows the trend for ‘Festivalisation‘, already known in Berlin through re:publica. “People expect excellent content in a networking environment”.

Berlin as an attractive location

The organiser himself suggested the move from the Austrian to the German capital as event location.  “The location of Berlin opens many doors for us: It is easier for us to link up with the European start-up scene and established tech companies from here, talk to new investors and get them interested in us as well as further expand our position as a leading developer conference on the European market“, the conference organiser described the decision to move to Berlin in a press release. “The decision to move from Vienna to Berlin has become necessary and is extremely important for us, in order to provide our participants with an even more diverse, exciting, and attractive offer of contents, workshops, and hackathons”, says Benjamin Ruschin, Co-founder and Managing Director of WeAreDevelopers.  

The WeAreDevelopers conference wants to become the flagship event in town. Berlin, as an attractive location for working and living, is at the same time an important location as a job exchange for developers. The festival-type event is also a good example for the way the location of Berlin is increasingly positioning itself as a platform for the exchange of knowledge with specific events, says Oelschlegel. “Such an event always works as an advertisement for Berlin“. Not to forget the important economic effect on Berlin with the expected 10,000 participants. One expects about 6.3 million Euros to be generated by the event. A win-win situation for Berlin so to speak.