YEAY: online market place for mobile “video shopping”

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The “video shopping app” is available now as an open beta version in the App Store and offers an entertaining alternative to online shopping. Some initial partnerships with online retailers have already been agreed upon, including brands such as Relaxdays, Urbanara or Mister Spex.

Suppliers and designers can present their products in videos via the platform in a creative and entertaining way. In the long term, YEAY is hoping to establish networks between suppliers, designers and purchasers. Managing director Melanie Mohr announces that YEAY intends to become a beacon in a new category of mobile trading that will go far beyond conventional shopping experiences. According to her words, YEAY will offer consumers “the ultimate shopping experience”. 

Seed round already completed

At the end of June, the Berlin-based startup had announced a successfully completed seed round in the single-digit millions range. Main investor is Grazia Equity. The money will be used to further develop the product and get new staff on-board. YEAY’s target group are Generation Y individuals. Because of their high affinity for online videos and video channels such as YouTube and popular mobile apps such as Snapchat, “video shopping” seems to be the next logical step for YEAY. 

Buyers can register with YEAY for free. Designers wanting to produce a video for YEAY can use <link>YEAY's studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg</link> also at no cost. The first three months are for free for product suppliers, the company tells us. After this, YEAY will ask for a commission in an undisclosed amount.