Fashion Industry

Designers, agencies, lifestyle magazines, photographers and trend scouts - they are all attracted by the young and trendy fashion town.

Berlin loves fashion and fashion loves Berlin

The exhibitions Bread & Butter and Premium started the successful history of the fashion location Berlin in 2003. Ever since, more than 10 trade show platforms have been added as part of the Fashion Week, which counts more than 200.000 visitors every season. Some milestones include the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, a media-effective fashion show since 2007 and the Berliner Modesalon starting in 2015. The Fashion Week stands for additional economic income (hotels, catering, retail, cab trade, contractors, etc.), adding over 120 million euros each season.

With the Fashion Week's success, the value chain in the fashion industry has become much more condensed. In Berlin around 2,700 companies work in the fashion industry. Sales in the fashion industry increased by 11,6 percent to around 4.8 billion euros between 2014 and 2015 alone. Mirroring the sales results, the employment figures went up by 4,2 percent to a workforce totalling 24,900 in 2015.

The dates for Berlin Fashion Week Spring/Summer Season 2019 and Autumn/Winter 2019/2020

3 -  7 July 2018 (main dates trade fairs: 3- 5 July)

15- 18 January 2019 (main dates trade fairs: 15 - 17 January)

Nine fashion schools provide education to upcoming generations of fashion brands. Another reason why fashion and Berlin make for such a good match is that Berlin has a vibrant creative scene in the areas of music, film, fashion and art with an international appeal and just like the fashion that is made in the city, it stands for trends and constant change.

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Tanja Mühlhans
Tanja Mühlhans

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