• Videoserie #BerlinFördert

    © Projekt Zukunft


    Category: Virtual Reality

    Video series presents IBB funding programs based on Berlin success stories. More

  • VR/AR in the Capital Region

    Category: Virtual Reality

    The Summary about Virtual and Augmented Reality shows data, facts and best cases. More

  • © Comtravo GmbH

    © Comtravo GmbH

    Robert Anders of Comtravo

    Category: Virtual Reality

    “Fifty percent of all bookings processed manually in traditional travel agencies are handled automatically by our virtual travel agent.” More

  • © Tijen Onaran

    © Tijen Onaran

    Tijen Onaran of Startup affairs

    Category: Virtual Reality

    “We have lent a face and perspective to digitalization. At the same time, we have proved that diversity and digitalization not only belong together,… More