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Smart Wearables

Smart Wearables belong to those future groups that bear an extremely large potential of growth. Wearables clothe the body with the Internet of Things and promise not only to link healthcare, industry/logistics and entertainment in the near future. In doing this, new materials and process technologies, above all, play an important role. Smart Wearables are sensor-based intelligent smallest systems, embedded in everyday objects, which can be worn right next to the body. Due to these integrated smallest systems, they mutate to become intelligent clothing, smart shoes, intelligent bracelets, smart watches, smart glasses or wearable cameras. Wearables are wireless-operated systems displaying their data directly or transmit these via radio protocols to smartphones, tablet-PCs or personal computers. They can also be connected to the internet.

Increasing sales figures in respect of Smart Watches, Augmented Reality glasses, and fitness trackers, induce users to accept Wearables more and more. By now, sensors, displays, and radio modules are not only extremely powerful but also inexpensive and very small in size. The B2B-market has so far not really been exploited and the sensor implants, too, still live in a dark corner.

Compared to 2014, the Wearables market has grown six-fold and thus belongs to the fastest growing Internet of Things - segments. The market potential of Smart Wearables is said to be around 15.2 billion Dollars by 2019.

Berlin is an innovative business location and HotSpot for the start-up scene, looking towards promising future growth in a digital age. Many new applications and business models in the areas of lifestyle products, health applications or industrial context are created in Berlin, especially in the sections of Smart Wearables, FashionTech, and smart textiles.

More than 50 enterprises in Berlin are involved in Smart Wearable applications, amongst these, ElektroCouture, Newsenselab, Trafopop, Tune Innovations, Kobakant, and Moon Berlin, as well as the promising VOJD Studios and Stil.

The Senate Administration for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises contributes with competitions and prize monies (Smart Wearables competition/ CreativeTechnology 2015 competition) as well as accelerator programme for Smart Wearables x Smart Textiles to increase the potential of Smart Wearables applications in Berlin, together with Atomleap GmbH.

The Senate Administration for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises contributes with competitions and accelerator programmes to increase the Smart Wearables applications in Berlin. The following competitions have already been implemented:

  • Competition Smart Wearables
  • Competition CreativeTechnology
  • Accelerator programme Smart Wearables x Smart Textiles



Tanja Mühlhans

Management of Creative and Media Industry, Digital Economy, Projekt Zukunft


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