Virtual Reality

The number of Berlin companies and research projects devoted to virtual technologies is estimated to reach a business volume of more than 100 billion by 2020.

Virtual Reality in Berlin


Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and 360 degree-videos (in short: XR) are central trends not only for the moving picture- and entertainment section but also for a number of business areas. Accordingly, VR-technology is used to generate immersive experiences for tourists or gamers, is also used to visualise architecture, develop vehicles right up to experimental surgery.

The VR-scene in the capital is a cross-section industry compiled of various developers, specialised start-ups, relevant departments of large companies of the entertainment industry, as well as other areas (e.g. transport, logistics), scientific and medical institutions, universities, film producers, and agencies.

This number is increased by several enterprises and interested parties that have not yet entered the market with own VR-products or services, however, for whom VR represents an important section to be developed. The VR-industry in Berlin is characterised by numerous enthusiasts, many visions and a great optimistic mood.

Tanja Mühlhans
Tanja Mühlhans

Management of Creative and Media Industry, Digital Economy, Projekt Zukunft